Thursday, May 5, 2016

Captain America in Progress

Process for Captain America


Lord of Apokolips


The Dark Knight
ZBrush Lunch Crunch

The Thing

Marvel's ever lovin' blue eyed, Benjamin Grimm. 

Jack Kirby Memorial

This was the center spread for the Comic's Buyer's Guide the week Kirby passed.

The Hulk

The Incredible one.

DC Trinity

This piece was as much about the background as the figures.


Friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

Legends of the Dark Knight

Some of my Batman pages from
"Legends of the Dark Knight" 


The catalyst for "One Punch Man".


Some of the many pages I ghost pencilled for
Rob Liefeld's run on "X-Force"

"Over Oa"

Oa Concept
For Greg Berlanti's original Green Lantern pitch

Invincible Pin-up

This appeared in an issue of Invincible.

Justice League

DC Pantheon Team

Green Lantern Concept

Concept for Greg Berlanti's original
Green Lantern pitch.

Superman Head Studies

Studies of the Man of Steel for "Immortality Crisis,
a Superman story I wrote. 

A Boy and his God

Peter and Tor for David "Riddick" Twohy's take on the Norse legend,
"A Boy and his God".

"Axis Amerika Descends upon Metropolis"

From "Immortality Crisis",
a Superman story I wrote.

Memorial piece to Jack Kirby

This appeared in the Comic Buyer's Guide.

PitchBlack: Slam City

Excerpts from the original prequel to "PitchBlack" featuring Riddick
by Writer/Director David Twohy and myself.


Samurai Jack's arch nemesis.

"Superman mourns the death of Batman on New Genesis"

From "Immortality Crisis",
a Superman story I wrote.


Image Comic's back breaking vigilante.

Namor in NOLA

Done in the wake of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.


Cover to an unpublished comic book property of mine. It featured my first foray into 3D

Firestorm in Progress

Thanagarian Dawn

Started as a cloud study.

Flying Fox

From my run on "Young All-Stars"